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2334 Forage Merger

Oxbo mergers deliver high quality forage and increased productivity.

Since 2003 when Oxbo pioneered the triple merger concept, Oxbo mergers have helped customers improve the efficiency of hay harvest and produce higher quality feed. With the introduction of the NEW model 2340 there are now two Oxbo triple merger models, the 2334 and 2340, offering pick up widths of 34 or 40 feet.

Both the Oxbo 2334 and 2340 were designed to deliver better windrows and better feed quality.

Features & Advantage

  • Designed for the "Hay in a Day" concept- more consistent drying and reduced weather risk
  • High quality, uniform, consistently shaped windrows for smoother harvester feeding
  • Feed the appetite of even the largest forage harvesters for increased productivity
  • Every merger is backed by the best customer service in the industry

Key Features

Robust design and components The 40″ wide conveyor with rear profile, positive conveyor drive motors at each end of the conveyors, and rubber mounted split pickup tines, positioned every 2 inches, allow the 2334 to handle large crop volumes.
Hydraulic float system Our innovative float system incorporates a nitrogen filled accumulator assist and a dedicated set of cylinders for a smooth following of the ground.
Single switch control Oxbo mergers utilize simple, easy to use controls, which allows for fast response to raise, lower, fold or unfold heads with one switch.
Steerable rear wheels The steerable rear wheels increase maneuverability and gets the crop out of the field corners, increasing functionality.

Unstoppable PowerMerge Technology

For 20 years, Oxbo has made a commitment to designing mergers that deliver the highest quality forage. The new PowerMerge technology on the 2334 delivers increased merging speed in heavy crops while building dense, smooth windrows across crop types.

PowerMerge combines Oxbo’s newest cam technology with positive belt drive motors and the belt width and angle to carry crop to the back of the belt. The result: tight crop flow and maximum leaf retention. All without the use of belt tensioners.

Increased Chopper Efficiency Smooth windrows translate into reduced chopper fuel consumption, faster chopper speeds, and even knife wear.
More Productive PowerMerge technology translates into the fastest merging speeds, even in high tonnage crops.
30% Lower Cost Per Acre Oxbo customers average 30% lower cost per acre when running an Oxbo merger.
2.5% Less Ash Merging has proved to deliver the highest feed quality through lower ash content.



Triple Mergers Brochure

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