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The CM240 is the newest Oxbo merger, building on Oxbo’s commitment to forage quality for over 20 years. The twin CM240 merger was designed to open the benefits of merging up to new markets, including high sugar grasses, alfalfa and small grains. The Oxbo CM240 features a robust design and reliable components to deliver long field life.  

For 20 years, Oxbo has made a commitment to designing mergers that deliver the highest quality forage. The new technology on the CM240 is designed to pick up the widest range of grass types, including coastal grasses, and building dense, smooth windrows across crop types.  

The new CM240 combines Oxbo’s next generation pickup technology with a belt and rotor design able to transition more coastal and high sugar grasses from the field to the windrow without stopping. The result: reliable crop flow and higher quality forage. 

The Oxbo CM240 was designed to deliver better windrows and better forage quality. 

Key Features

Increased chopper efficiency Smooth windrows translate into reduced chopper fuel consumption, faster chopper speeds, and even knife wear.
2.5% less ash Merging has proved to deliver high feed quality through lower ash content.
More productive Oxbo pick up technology translates into the fastest merging speeds, even in high tonnage crops.
More crop types The CM240 allows you to merge the widest range of grass types, across the widest range of field conditions.

Easy Operation

  • Jump in and go! 
  • Easy to operate, the Oxbo CM240 is ISOBUS ready, with easy-to-use controls built by experts in the forage merging business. 
  • An optional terminal and joystick are available. 

Move beyond a rake

  • For years, the only way to productively windrow high sugar or coastal grasses was with a rake.  With the introduction of the CM240, more forage operations can benefit from a merger than ever before 
  • Across crop types—grasses, alfalfa, and small grains—for bailing or chopping, the CM240 delivers all the proven benefits of merging: lower ash content and higher feed quality.   

Oxbo CM240

Merge Left, Right or Center
12.5m Merging Width

Steering system

The Oxbo CM240 twin merger features an automatic or manual steerable axle making it easy to get into field corners, to run the merger offset from the tractor or to address other challenging field conditions and leave no valuable crop behind. The control units is sealed and is also moisture and weather resistant.

Better windrows, better feed quality

  • Oxbo’s new merger technology was designed to increase merger productivity in the most challenging grass types 
  • The Oxbo CM240 creates smooth, industry leading windrows with lower ash, across crop types: from coastal grasses to alfalfa to small grains 
  • Merge to the middle allows the CM240 to lay the crop on dry ground, making it the merger of choice for operations with a wide variety of grasses or forage types

INDUSTRY LEADING pick up technology

  • Oxbo has optimized the crop transfer to deliver industry-leading performance, even in high tonnage, high sugar grasses 
  • Tines transition the crop from the ground and are aided by a powered belt to keep crop from balling in front of the pick up heads, even in high tonnages or fast field speeds 
  • Designed to accommodate the full range of forage crop types 

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