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Chariot Dual Mechanized Pruner | Oxbo



Maximize efficiency and savings with the 610 dual mechanized pruner. Operating smoothly between speeds of 1– 3 MPH, the 610 enables precision pruning in half the time of a single row pruner. Vineyard managers have reported saving hundreds of dollars per acre when integrating the 610 into their operations. With year-round capabilities, the 610 maximizes your investment with attachment options for shoot thinning, trunk suckering, and cane cutting.

610 Dual Vineyard Mechanization


An investment in the 610 is equivalent to investing in two mechanical pruners, two operators, and two tractors – but with more power and precision. With its advanced attachments, the 610 doesn’t merely cover ground; it refines the landscape precision. 

Operating smoothly between speeds of 1- 3 MPH , the 610 enables customers to complete 80-98% of their work in a single pass. The combination of speed and precision provides a pruning application that is unparalleled. High-speed pre-pruning allows acres to be covered quickly, making hand follow-up more proactive, rather than reactive. 

Key Features

More Productive Cover double the acres in half the time
Less Labor Mechanizing with the 610 reduces labor costs across trellis types and across multiple vineyard tasks
Built for Performance High torque, low speed motors result in clean cuts when pruning; robust frame and blades are built to last
VSP Quad & Hi-Wire Adjustable and efficient on a wide range of trellises


With the 610, operators can focus on one task at a time, delivering precise pruning applications. They are not bound by the simultaneous challenges of driving a tractor and pruning. This single-minded focus on precision is why customers report significant savings—some returning their initial investment within 60 days of integrating the 610 into their operations.

The 610 does more than just rapid pre-pruning—it reshapes the vineyard with careful attention to detail. Pruning is an art form, and our operators are artists, concentrating solely on the task at hand. They aren’t distracted by operating a tractor, driving straight in the row, and pruning simultaneously. The unique design of 610 allows operators to hone their craft, delivering stunning results time and time again. 


The 610 can be adjusted in many ways to accommodate each vineyard. Highwire, VSP, and Single & Double Crossarm Quads are common trellis systems the Chariot can run in with certainty. 

Attachments that connect to the 610 keep the machine busy throughout the different farming seasons. The unit can also manage shoot thinning, crown cleaning, trunk suckering & cane cutting. Olive groves can also customize the 610 for hedging.


610 PRUNING HEAD Fine-tuned to meet your vineyard’s unique needs, the 610 enables pre-pruning and near finish pruning applications, suitable for high wire, VSP, and quad trellises.
SHOOT THINNING Our shoot-thinning attachments provide an optimal solution for growers to cut labor costs, establish a more uniform canopy, and hinder pest and disease propagation, allowing the vines to concentrate their resources on fruit production.
TRUNK SUCKERING Our suckering attachments offer a practical and efficient solution. Save time and money while enhancing your vineyard’s health with these tools, designed to quickly and carefully remove suckers without damaging the vine or entangling irrigation lines. Expect a pristine berm with the more aggressive action near the trunk base from these attachments.

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