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Oxbo has supported front boom, high clearance sprayer customers for decades. Today, Oxbo offers several products for chemical application, including high clearance front boom sprayers and the line of AT equipment. Oxbo offers our customers robust and productive application products supported by factory-direct, local technical experts.


Oxbo offers a line of high quality mergers and dump carts that deliver long service life and high productivity levels in the field. Plus, Oxbo forage products are backed by local dealers and Oxbo's commitment to superior customer service.


Oxbo offers a complete line of grape harvesters, berry harvesters and coffee harvesters. Our grape harvesters are built to customer specifications. With a model for every size and type of grower, we have experience working with a variety of berry crops including jojoba, sour cherries, aronia, haskcaps and saskatoons. Leading coffee growers around the world have trusted the durability of Oxbo coffee harvesters to harvest the highest quality coffee while reducing labor costs.

Manure and Biosolids Application

Oxbo employees bring over 225 combined years of manure machine development and application experience to ensure you get the right solution for your business. Oxbo provides 3-, 4-, and 5-wheel solutions and features like Superload for the fastest fills, All-Wheel Drive for application confidence, CVT transmissions for reduced fuel usage, and FleetCommand for optimizing your fleet. We take pride in our sales and service experience and can build the package that is right for you!

Root Crops

The Oxbo self-propelled potato harvester was designed to meet customer needs: harvesting potatoes without compromise. The industry leading hopper capacity enables you to organize logistics more efficiently. Low transport speeds combined with the lowest possible drops and the unique SOFTPOCKET elevator guarantee a very friendly handling of the potatoes.

Seed Corn

Oxbo offers the most complete line of seed corn harvesters and corn heads. Oxbo's has built on the legacy of the Byron and Bourgoin brands to continue to deliver high productivity to seed corn operations. Today, Oxbo draws on these decades of experience listening and responding to the demands of seed corn growers as to continue to design new equipment and deliver new technology to this critical market.


Oxbo offers processed vegetables and fresh market vegetables harvesters. Building on a legacy of 60 years in the vegetable business Oxbo continues to deliver innovative harvesting solutions and new technology to the vegetable industry. Oxbo builds and designs the equipment that gets these time-sensitive vegetable crops harvested and out of the field as quickly as possible.